Valmiera – Cēsis (campsite Jeņču laivas)

This is a relatively peaceful 38 km long route which is suitable for two day trip with several sights to see. It leads through Gauja National Park Latvia and includes beautiful views and many cliffs to see.

Route starts near Valmiera city. First stop is after 9,5 km, it’s called „Sapa”. Further there are two geological objects to see and visit. In the left shore there is „Liepas” rock, but in the right shore- „Sietiņiezis” rock- it has multiple extraordinary forms- caves, pillars, alcoves, arches. It is considered to be one of the highest rocks in Latvia. There are walking tracks an viewing places available, you can have a walk and even go up the stairs to highest point of the rock.

Further near resting place „Grīviņi”in a left shore there are „Grīviņu” or Red cliffs. When you go down the river there are several other cliffs visible from the boat as well. Those places are not suitable for walking or trekking.

After next 7,8 km there is Rauna. This place is accesible by cars if needed. There are several more resting places down the route available including „Jāņarāmis”which is also used for starting/ ending point for some routes.

Approximately 1,5 km from „Jāņarāmis” there are „Ramatu” cliffs- one of the most impressive sandstone cliffs in Gauja National Park Latvia.

Going down the river after few turns there are next cliffs visible again- „Ērgļu” or Eagle cliffs. It’s more than 500km long sandstone wall. The place is suitable for trekking- there are stairs and walking routes.

The end of this route is in campsite “Jeņču laivas” (located in the street, called “Gaujas iela 90a”).

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