How to make reservation! 

  1. Call us +371 29255976, or send an e-mail
  2. Tell us Your needs. 
  3. Reservation agreement will be made. You should be ready to tell information about responsible person for the trip (in case of legal person-registration No, address and Bank details, in case of private person-ID No and contact information), information about time of the planned trip, number of persons, needed inventory e.t.c.. 
  4. Agreement invoice with Clients and Jeņču laivas details will be sent to Clients e-mail one day after agreement have been made. 
  5. For reservation to be valid it is necessary to make full payment:
    1. If there is more than two weeks until the trip, it is enough to pay 15% of whole payment (advance payment) and the rest of the sum must be payed in certain term mentioned in invoice. 
    2. If there is less than two weeks until trip, whole payment must be made during 48 hours from moment agreement have been made. 
    3. If there is less than 48 hours until trip from the moment of reservation it will be valid only after full payment for service will be made. 
  6. Attention! Please tell us about discount coupons in the moment of reservation.