At the moment, company “Jeņču laivas” offers more than 100 boats, including canoes and kayaks. Travelling by boat is our passion, that’s why we are here to introduce you with this fascinating experience. We are offering fishing and relaxing trips in almost all of Latvia’s rivers with canoes or kayaks, and we are offering transport for you and boats to the start of your route and will take care about you, when you will finish your journey. It is also possible to go to the trip with a raft. We can consult you, about the route what is right for you, and also give an advice.

In season of 2017, we started to create a campsite, near to the bank of Gauja river, in a city called “Cēsis” (located in the street, called “Gaujas iela 90a”). In summer season, there are available places, where it is possible to build a tent, make a fire or just to sit down and listen to the sound of nature. We are offering also to leave the car in our area.

"Your leisure is our care!"

Looking forward to meet you - yours "Jeņču laivas"