Canoe boat MEDEJA two-seated

MEDEJA is a boat perfectly suitable for multi-day trips in most of rivers of Latvia. Boat can carry up to 400 kg, so there will be enaugh space for two persons and their bags and if needed- additionally space for one child.
25 Eur

Canoe boat Loxia three-seated

Loxia can carry up to 500 kg, so it is perfectly suitable for families to spend their vacation in nature. If you rent this boat, there will be enaugh space for 2 adults and 2 kids with all their bags or for 3 adults.25 Eur

Canoe boat DRAGO - four-seated

DRAGO is a family boat. Huge, wide and stable- it’s the biggest boat in our boat rental. Father, mother, two kids and everything they need for a weekend in nature can fit in this ship. If needed also four adults can use this boat if they don't take too many bags with them, although this combination will not be that exciting for those who will sit in the middle. As possibilities to control the course of the boat for middle sitters are limited, those places are suitable for more massive passengers. If they become active, the captain may get angry. Due to its length this boat is also quite fast, but it is not that easy to maneuver it.25 Eur

Kanoe laiva Viking 3 - vietīga

Maksimāla drošība apvienojumā ar maksimālām ērtībām. Laivas ir stabilas – tām ir plakani dibeni ar ūdensrievām, kas teicami tur kursu.25 Eur