Death Island – ‘’Daugmales” mound

Length of the trip – 10,5 km, approximately 3 hours, including sightseeing objects.

The easiest way to start a trip is from place called “Daugmale” and in there follow the sign what tells about the place, where happened First World War. River Daugava in this place is very peaceful, and that is good for just enjoying the time in water. Death Island was an island after the Rīga hydroelectric power plant created a reservoir, and before that it was a peninsula on the Left Bank of the Daugava.  During World War I, there were massive battles between Latvian Riflemen and a much larger German army on Death Island.’’Daugmales’’ mound is 3800 m² big and one of the famous archeological sites in Latvia. The destination point is near a house called “Dzelmes”.

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