Kandava - Renda

Boat rental offers relaxing boat trip on Abava river. Abava is slow and peaceful river with 129km length. There are few over falls though. In Abava Nature Park is located second widest waterfall of Latvia- Abavas rumba (Abavas rapid). Route from Kandava to Renda includes most spectacular landscapes and nature objects.  

Route is about 50km long and it takes 2 days, but some leisurely travelers can also divide it in three days or finish the route earlier before reaching Renda. Boating is most comfortable in canoe boats provides by boat rental Jeņču laivas.

The route starts in Kandava nearby Laukakmeņu bridge, which is the oldest boulder bridge in Latvia. The river is pretty sinuous at the beginning. After 2,5km there is Čužu swamp which is the only place in Latvia where a plant called „čuža” can be found in wild. On the opposite side the first stop can take place.

Kandava - Renda
Kandava - Renda

Further straights parts alternate with smaller and bigger curves. After 10 km in the left side there is Devils cave and 5,3 m high and 4,3 m wide Devils Stone. Settlement can be made after 2,5 km on the right bank in turism and recreation centre „Plosti”, where cafe can be found, or go half a kilometer further to guest house „Imulas” with a pub there.  Near „Imulas” there is Fairy tale forest where interesting ball game can be played. If you decide to play, then make sure you have enough time- it takes at least hour and a half, for bigger group- even more.

Approximately 4km after „Imulas” in the left shore there is „Zviedru cepure” with 950m long nature trail and many other attractions.

Next stop is after 700 m- „Drubazas” with botany trail, homemade wine, wild cows and cable attraction over Abava.
Next the river goes through Sabile- one of the most romantic small villages in Latvia. It has its own vineyard, open air museum and garden of dolls.

After 2,3 km there is a bridge and bit further contemporary art and culture center „Sinagoga”.

600 m further on the left shore is swimming place and after it park with open air stage „Birzīte”. Next stop is Abavas rumba- 35 m wide and 1 m high waterfall. Nearby the waterfall is also camping place with fireplaces, sheds and wc.
Approximately 2 km after Abavas rumba on the right shore you can see the ruins from Sventes mills. You can make a stop 2 km farther or boat 1,5 km more till Veģi, where behind the bridge the route can be finished. If agreed earlier boat rental employees can meet you here with the transport.

If you continue the root, after 800 m Abava meets Veģupīte- small river with 1,7 m high and 2,5 m wide waterfall. After 4km km there are Māras chambers- sandstone cave system in the right side of the river. There are many stories told about those chambers, one of them tells that it was a hiding place for robbers.

And then after 5,5 km  the ending point of the route has reached- Renda. Meeting point is behind the bridge- on the left bank of the river.

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