Krāslava - Naujene

Length of the trip – 47 km.

The Daugava is the largest river in Latvia. It flows out of the Valdai highlands in Russia, flows through Russia, Belarus and Latvia where it flows into the Baltic Sea.  Daugava river is also one of the national symbols of Latvia, which is often mentioned in literature and music. The river is associated with national strength and unity and is called as national destiny river.

Duration time of the route is 2 days. During the trip it is possible to find nature park “Daugavas loki”, what is one of UNESCO sites.

In first day it is possible to see many geological objects, like 300 million years old sandstones, church, and an open-air museum called “Slutišķu sādža”, where can also stay for a night. In second day it is possible to see hills and cliffs, one of the most important cliff is Ververi cliff, what is 42 m high and 370 m long. Valley around this cliff is one of the most beautiful places during this trip. After 6 km can find Vasargelišku sightseeing tower and 11 km away is “Dinaburga” castle. And after 1 km is place called “Naujene”, what is the end of the route.

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