Misa (road “A7”, near place called “Dzērumi”) – “Plakanciema” bridge.

Length of the trip – 20 km.

Important!!! It is possible to go on this route only during the spring and autumn season, when water level is higher than in summer. At lower water level in sections of rapids the boats will be have to be towed.

The easiest way to start a trip is with organized transportation from the company “Jeņču laivas”. First bridge of the trip is bridge what goes over road “A7”. After 1 km starts territory of summer houses “Dzērumi”. In history there was places Dzērumi manor.

Approximately 9 km river flows through territory of summer houses and only in few places on both of the river sides can see forest views. In many places can find trees in the river, that can make boating difficult and in some of the places it is necessary to take a boat out of the river, take that around the trees, and then go back in the river. After current region river flows more in the middle of the forest. After that, few kilometers away, on the right side can see “Daugavas – Misas” canal.

And approximately after 1,5 km is the destination point, Plakanciema bridge. On the both sides of the river is a parking place. During this route can listen to the birds, enjoy the peace of the nature and see how river tries to cut the road through the forest. 

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