“Dzelzāmurs” – the bridge on the road “A7”

Length of the trip – 12 km.

Important!!! It is possible to go on this route only during the spring and autumn season, when water level is higher than in summer. At lower water level in sections of rapids the boats will be have to be towed.

The route starts near the bridge in the place called “Dzelzāmurs”. In the start river flows near many villages. Approximately 2,5 km it is also a border between 2 regions – “Baldone” and “Iecava”. River flows into Baldone region. In next 2 km there is forest around the river. In this place river is peaceful and silent. Then the next village is called “Stūri”. Place is located near the watermill. In next 8 km can see nature landscapes. The destination point of this route is on the left side, not far away from road “A7”.

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