Nīgrande – Skrunda

Length of the trip – 32 km, approximately 2 days.

The route starts from the Nīgrande bridge. After 13 km on the left side of the river can see Ātrais hill, what is 20 m high. In this place river becomes faster. After 500 m can see Gobdziņu cliffs, 11 m high, what is one of the most popular and beautiful sightseeing objects in the region of Kurzeme. In this place, near the cliffs, it is also possible to cross the river by foot. Moreover, on the bottom side of the cliff can find a 26 m long cave.

After 0,5 km can find a campsite, where also can build a tent and stay for a night. After 5 km is place called “Lēnas”, where on the left side of the river can also see a Lēnas manor. 2 km away from this place can see “Lēnu” church and on the other side is a holiday house “Gāznieki’’. After 8 km comes Skrunda city. Before that on the left side can find a manor of Skrunda and after the bridge can see Skrunda mound. The destination point is in Skrunda city, on the left side after a railway bridge.  

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