Lēdmane - Ogre

Length of the trip – 42 km, approximately 2 days.

The total length of Ogre river is 188 km. It is necessary to remember that river is not suitable for boating when water level is low, just because there are many rocks in the river. The route can start from Lēdmane bridge, in the place called ‘’Beku līcis’’. The river creates the nature park of Ogre river valley. On the right side can also find a ‘’Bekubode’’ bakery, where it is possible to buy a delicious homemade bread.

Approximately after 3 km can find a Lobe tavern and guest house. 300 m away, on the left side is a farm called “Saliņas’’, where it is also possible to stay for a night in a tent. After 4 km is an accommodation place “Jaunķērpji”, where it is possible to build a tent and stay for a night. On the route from “Saliņas” to “Jaunķērpji” can find several sandstone cliffs and river becomes more wide and slower.

800 m away can see big islands in the river. 3 km away is a beach with sand and that means it is comfortable to stop in there. After a bit more than 1 km on the left side of the river can see Straumes mill where it is also possible to build a tent and stay for a night. Next stop is after 2,5 km, place called “Glāžšķūnis”, what is called in that way because of the bottle factory, what was located in there at 18th century. After few km on the left side can see Sietiņi rock, what is 5,8 m long, 5,2 m wide and 1,7 m high.

And during the trip can find a Kalnrēži rock, where can also try to find a 3 m deep cave. Next accommodation place is after 4 km in place called “Indrāni”. Then the river flown to the place called “Ogresgals”, what is after 3,5 km. Then there are approximately 10 km left to the Ogre city. On the way to there can see dolomite rock, what is unique and 4 m high. 3 km after the bridge can see the church tower on the right side of the river and that can be the destination point, because near is a parking place or can continue the trip.

After 250 m can see the bridge across the river what is the biggest bridge in current shape in Latvia. That connects two parts of the city. And 300 m away is a railway bridge and the destination is 500 m after that, near road “E22” bridge. 

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