Litene – bridge on the road “P36”

Length of the trip – 25 km.

At the beginning of the river, that is a border crossing of Estonia - Russia – Latvia the river is shallow and fast. The local road bridges follow one after. The river becomes wider but it does not get slower. Behind the Mālupe river the fast flow of the Piededze river calms down and the inclination to the road bridge of Gulbene-Rēzekne is 30 cm per km on average. A beautiful and woody stretch begins 5 km before place called “Jaunannas”. Behind the ‘’Jaunannas’’ the Pededze river is not that snaky and the next part to Litene is the most popular one day paddling route of the Pededze river. The Litene–Gulbene–Rēzekne road is considered one of the most beautiful river stretches in Latvia.

The route can be done in two days. The trip starts from place called “Litene”. Before the bridge on the road “P35”, on the left side of the river, is located a sauna called “Pededzes’’, what can be as a starting point or it is possible to choose another place, what can reach with boat transport. The first sightseeing object on the way is on the right side of the river, what is Litene manor. Not far from manor is place, where can get a clean drinking water and in the same place is located resting place with a table and a fire place.

3 km away on the left side of the river, approximately after place called “Aizupieši’’, in history, was located summer camp for Latvian army. Starting from this place, on the way, there are not so important sightseeing objects that can let to enjoy the beauty of untouched river landmarks. Approximately 8 km away from historical summer camp place, can find a big nature protection area and around 15 km away is a bridge on the road “P36” what is a destination point. 

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