“Lubāns” lake – Daugava

Length of the trip – 113 km.

The Aiviekste, surrounded by sluices, flows out of the Lubāns lake and this is the largest lake in Latvia. The Aiviekste is a large and interesting river with its charm. Two types of paddlers will like this river: those who prefer marathons and those who will tie their canoes together, go with the flow and share stories with their travel companions.

Route starts from Lubāns lake. Already after 4 km starts Verdes canal. The length of the canal - 4 km. During the trip, it is also possible to rest in place called “Lettes” and it is possible to stay for a night in there. After 7 km starts area of Lubāna city. On the left side, it is possible to see a manor.

River flows 2 km through city and comes to the Lubāna bridge. From this point until the end of the route, on the both sides of the river can find big oaks. 6 km after the Lubāna bridge, on the left side is “Kodoli”, what is an accommodation place. After 2 km it is possible to see building from rocks, what is a museum, and also offering place for staying in a tent. 4 km away is Meirāni village. If it is necessary, it is possible to go for a shopping in this place.

3 km after Meirāni ridge, on the left side is Meirāni canal. After this canal on the left side is a guesthouse and campsite “Zīles”. After 6 km river goes under Švāns bridge. In next 6 km, it is possible to see two unique bridges. One of them is the rope bridge, what is 75 m long and 1,10 m wide. Bridge can be used only for walking. The other bridge is located near to the rope bridge and is 68 m long and 8 m wide. In the summer season, bridge is used by local transport. Not so far away, in the middle of field can see big oak, called “Vecsaikavas dižozols’’. 1 km away is place called “Vecsaikava”, where it is possible to go for a shopping and 2 km away is “Saikava” village.

After 3 km can take a break in accommodation place, called “Kalna šķēļi”, where it is also possible to build a tent and enjoy a sauna, by previous appointment.  1,5 km futher river goes under the Mūrnieki bridge and 9 km away is located campsite “Toce’’. And only 0,5 km from this place is Ļaudona bridge. Follows the long trip down on the river and on the way it is possible to see some small rivers, which flows into Aiviekste river. After approximately 13 km on the right side can find a campsite called “Upmalas”. After 5,5 km is a city called “Aiviekste” and hydroelectric power plant of Aiviekste river.

In this place it is also possible to visit a museum where can find a lot of interesting information, how this place is developed during the time. It is easier to take a boat around the right side. After 2,5 km on the right side can find some small lakes and Veseta canal. 4 km away is another, smaller, Spridzēni hydroelectric power plant. O,5 km away is place called “Vesetas grīva”, it is worth to take a sightseeing tour around that place. There it is possible to find a bridge from rocks, what is 19,60 m long. After that, there are approximately 5 km where can find several bridges and after that can find a place called “Gostiņi”, what is also a destination point for this trip. 

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