Mazsalaca - Staicele

Length of the trip – 40 km.

Salaca river is the fifth longest river in Latvia and it is 95 km long. From Mazsalaca is starting one of the most enjoyable parts of the Salaca river. The river calmly flows along the Valtenberģi manor park, rocks, caves, through Skaņaiskalns park where can be seen sightseeing objects made by nature and also by humans – ‘’Skābumbaļla’’, ‘’Velna Cave’’, ‘’Vilkači pine’’, ‘’Love bridge’’ and ‘’Dreams’ ladders’’ are just a part of them. It is interesting to go ashore and to try unique echo near Skaņaiskalns rock.

Further, the boaters can see mighty Silmači outsrop and Dauģēni cliffs with the longest cave in Latvia. 1 km away from Skaņaiskalns park is a resting place called “Silmači”, where can built a tent and make a fire. 1,5 km away is Dauģēnu cliffs and not so far away can find a place for rest called “Dauģēni” and next staying option is the place called “Puņmutes”.

There are not so many sightseeing objects after this, but that just means, it is time to enjoy a fascinating peace and silence. Approximately after 12 km is accommodation place “Eži” and 10 km away from there is a destination point for this route, near old papermill. 

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