Meirāni - Ļaudona

Length of the trip – 34 km.

In the bottom part of the river, are many islands and 15 rapids. On these islands is built a hydroelectric power plant of Aiviekste river, what is one of the biggest hydroelectric power plants in Latvia.

This route starts from Meirāni bridge. 3 km after Meirāni bridge, on the left side is Meirāni canal. After this canal on the left side is a guesthouse, campsite and family-operated farm “Zīles”. After 6 km river flows under Švāns bridge.

In next 6 km, it is possible to see two unique bridges. One of them is the rope bridge, what is 75 m long and 1,10 m wide. Bridge can be used only for walking. The other bridge is located near to the rope bridge and is 68 m long and 8 m wide. In the summer season, bridge is used by local transport. Not so far away, in the middle of field can see big oak, called “Vecsaikavas dižozols’’. 1 km away is place called “Vecsaikava”, where it is possible to go for a shopping and 2 km away is village “Saikava’’.

After 3 km can take a break in accommodation place, called “Kalna šķēļi”, where it is also possible to build a tent or enjoy a sauna, by previous appointment.  1,5 km futher river goes under the Mūrnieki bridge and 9 km away is located campsite “Toce’’. And only 0,5 km from this place is Ļaudona bridge, what is also a destination point for this route.

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