Plakanciems - Ozolnieki

Length of the trip – 35 km.

Important!!! It is possible to go on this route only during the spring and autumn season, when water level is higher than in summer. At lower water level in sections of rapids the boats will be have to be towed.

The route starts from Plakanciema bridge. During the trip, in many places can find trees in the river, that can make boating difficult and in some of the places it is necessary to take a boat out of the river, take that around the trees, and then go back in the river. First bridge is after 4 km, and 2 km away is a second bridge. After 4 km river becomes more wide and there is another bridge. Then follows 4 km long way to place called “Pēternieki”.

Then until the bridge on the road “V28”, river flows through the region of private houses. There can also find a Pētermuiža castle, what is 500 m from the river. After 4 km is place called “Dalbi”. There it is possible to see two bridges, 1,5 km away from each other. 200-300 m after first bridge can make a stop and see Dalbe oak, what is 60 m away from the river. After 15 km river flows into “Iecava”. The destination point can be not so far, for example, near the bridge in place called “Cena”, or can go 3 km further to farm “Līcīši”. 

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