Skaistkalne - Bauska

Length of the trip – 48 km.

The Memele river with a length of 76 km, marks a border between Latvia and Lithuania. Average depth of the river is 1,3 m and it is approximately 45 m wide. Nice, small and afterwards not so small and swift river with a clear water. Settle down can only on the right side of the river, in Latvia’s side, and needs to have a passport.

This route is for 2 days. Route can start a bit after Skaistkalne, in a resting place called “Krastmalas” or choose another place, what can reach with a boat transport. In Skaistkalne, on the right side can see Šēnberga manor. Route from Skaistkalne until the place called “Robežnieki”, is a border with Lithuania and only in here, 8 km away Skaistkalne, river flows into area of Latvia. Near the place what is called in the same name as river, “Mēmele”, can find Siliņi ferry. There can also see a dendrological park. In this place can also stay for a night and in the same time to look at Mēmele manor.

4 km away can find a place called “Budberga” and later can find a guesthouse “Pilskalni” and Aužeļi hill. 9 km away from the hill can look at the memorial museum “Lejenieki’’. Then there are only 6 km to Bauska. During the trip through the city, can see old city of Bauska, from the riverside. Trip ends not far from Bauska castle. 

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