Published 30.03.2014 11:27

Boating season has started

Boating season has started

Days are getting longer and sun shines more, so it is about a time to open boating season. You can choose to spend a weekend in countryside and enjoy the beautiful nature of Latvia, but you can also stay in Riga and discover it’s special offers.

One of the best routes for those who want to stay in Riga is Andrejosta-Riga city channel. It’s about 6,3km ride with historical views from the water side. This route is a must- do for city guests willing to get to know Riga from unusual angle.

If your goal is to escape from city noise, then you should try one of several routes on Gauja river, for example, Valmiera- Cēsis. Route includes spectacular views, amazing landscape and interesting nature objects.

Jeņču laivas boat rent offers many different boat routes suitable for one or few day trips. Our staff can also help in choosing the right route for you as well as transporting the boats.

So choose the route, book boats and have an amazing adventure together with Jeņču laivas!